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Customer Relationship Management

  • Datascan CRM module is designed to aid in managing all pre-sale activities of an organization. From our own experience we have concluded that keeping track of all communication with potential clients is a very tedious job. We found that the same problem was ubiquitous in all our client companies.

  • This module keeps track of all the correspondence that takes place between potential clients and the sales person. We, ourselves use this software to keep track of our customers. We find that it fulfills all our requirements.

  • Similarly, there is also a provision for users to record small notes of conversation with potential customers/contacts that might have happened over phone or at meetings.

  • As a result, the next time you are following up with a potential client, you can bring the entire communication history, both written and spoken, with that person on the screen with a single mouse-click.

  • Datascan CRM includes an Enquiry System that helps sales people track client enquiries. The Enquiry System includes features that help in the tracking of enquiries coming from different zones for different products. Sales people can give offers and monitor the number of successful sales. The system also generates MIS reports for analysis by higher management.

  • The system helps you organize your correspondence, tasks or events and also helps you maintain a list of all the visiting cards that you might receive. It is the best place for you to keep records of people you know and correspond with.

  • It is often the case where the same letter has to be sent to many people. E.g. newsletters, progress reports, product information and so on. Datascan CRM enables the user to maintain any number of standard documents. By maintaining the proper list of commonly needed standard letters, you can send a large number of letters to a large number of recipients in a very short time.
  • With Datascan CRM, you can assign tasks to yourself and your team members. These tasks can function as reminders to you and your team. So you can plan your activities for the month or week and later analyze your own performance. Datascan CRM is a tool, which if used in a proper manner, can optimize your performance by skillfully managing your time. You can ask the system to generate a list of all the pending tasks and work on those. This is the essence of our Customer Relations Management.  With this system, you can maintain contacts with multiple clients or people and be aware of all the latest events that have occurred in the communication process.
  • The sales department no doubt handles a lot of mail. We have learnt from experience that keeping track of this correspondence is a difficult job. Keeping this in mind, we have included a system in Datascan CRM that keeps track of all the letters sent to any potential customer. These letters are stored as word documents. There are also features that enable you to zip all the documents in order to save space.
  • Datascan CRM includes features that help you keep a record of all the people you know. This is similar to a telephone diary, except it holds a lot more information about the person than just the telephone number. So whenever you get a visiting card from a person who might interest you, you just have to make an entry here and throw the card away!
  • In addition to the above application specific features, the software comes equipped with powerful tools that ensure easy navigation through each and every critical aspect of Customer Relations Management. The software also contains powerful tools that enable the user to get infinite types of reports. In short, Datascan CRM is an Ideal solution for a Paperless Office!