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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

SCM –Inventory Control and Store management


  • This module facilitates the store department in carrying out its functions in an efficient manner
  • The System is fully On-Line in nature. As soon as any transaction of issue, receipt or material return is recorded, its effects, wherever they may be, are updated immediately.
  • Deletion or modifications to transactions with proper security checks is possible.
  • Stock of any Item is available online.
  • Work orders with their planned dates of production and quantities are displayed through various windows. Delayed work orders are automatically highlighted. The work orders can also be entered manually in addition to those generated automatically by the MRP module.
  • For any work order, exact material requirement, already issued in the past and balance material to be issued can be displayed on the screen as of that moment.
  • For any work order, balance material to be issued and material available for issue out of that can be displayed. With just a Mouse click, all or some of the items to be issued, get issued. Balances are updated and issue slips are printed out.
  • Material return slips against any work order can also be generated with a Mouse click.
  • Tracking of every issue and material return with the batches is maintained. Batch costing report is thus available on line all the time.
  • Additional excess issues can be made manually at higher security level check, thus controlling accountability in case of non-standard issues.
  • For any Item, Stock ledger can be displayed with a mouse click.
  • Goods Receipt Notes or Goods Receipt Reports (GRRs) are generated against pending Purchase Orders. The user can select multiple POs of a particular vendor and create a single GRR against the subset. GRRs can be displayed on screen at any time.
  • Month ending stock ledger, Valuation of items and Bank statements are generated any time with just a Mouse click.
  • If the material against various work orders is to be sent to various subcontractors, consolidation of multiple issues is possible.
  • It is possible to keep separate track of wastage, breakage, consumables.
  • Lists of items below reorder level, above maximum level and non moving items can be generated with just a Mouse click.
  • Valuation of WIP report can be generated On-Line.
  • Accounting and reconciliation of our material with the subcontractors is done automatically. This feature alone can save enormous amounts for any company that relies on sub contractors for intermediate processing.