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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

SCM – Production Planning and Control


  • This module facilitates the Production department in carrying out its activities in an efficient manner.
  • The modules maintains process sheets for items that are manufactured in-house
  • On-line access to any process sheets is available with just a Mouse Click. Process sheets store information about set-up time, manufacturing time, optimum batch size and detailed paragraphs of operation instructions.
  • Stores capacity and cost data for all machines.
  • Stores cost data for all operators.
  • Stores information on Work Orders with due dates, dead-lines, responsibility identifiers.
  • Stores data on actual work completed at various machines i.e. Job Cards.
  • On-line display of standard manufacturing cost of any part or any Work Order is available with a single key stroke.
  • Information to decide optimum batch size considering manufacturing and set up times for all operations is available.
  • Exception reports for delayed Work Orders.
  • Tracking of any Work Order showing how much work is completed and rejected at every stage.
  • On going On-line comparison of actual production cost with standard cost for any Work Order.
  • Complete On-line production scheduling sequence for every machine and every operation based on due dates for completion of the Work Orders.
  • Comparison of work loads with available capacities for machines with highlighting of future production bottle-necks.
  • Production efficiency calculations for every Work Order.
  • Production efficiency calculations for every machine.
  • Production efficiency calculations for every operator.
  • Machine utilization and idle-time analysis for every machine.
  • Work Order costing for completed Work Order.