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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

SCM – Purchase Management


  • This module facilitates the purchase department in carrying out its functions in an efficient manner.
  • Indents, either generated by Clarity MRP module or manually entered by indenting departments [or both], can be seen by the buyer, on-line, through multiple windows.
  • Indentors can enter detailed specifications for purchase (without any line limitations) which can be further enhanced and modified by Buyers. These automatically get displayed on the purchase order. Indentor can also send instructions to Buyers which do not get displayed on the purchase order.
  • Indents which need to be acted upon urgently due to limited purchase lead time get automatically highlighted.
  • All Item master details of any indent can be seen with a press of mouse button.
  • A facility is provided to formally release the indent for purchase. Till this is done, information can be seen by the buyer but no PO can be issued.
  • All pending purchase orders [POs] of the item in the indent are available online for reference. Similarly, all past Goods Receipt Reports [GRRs] of the item are also available.
  • Historical rates and supplier details for items can be transferred to indents, if desired, with a single mouse click. With this feature, it becomes easy to raise new purchase orders effortlessly.
  • Multiple "Request for Quotation" (RFQ) letters can be generated automatically on pre-printed letterheads.
  • All indents whose supplier and rate is finalized by the buyer  are consolidated for the suppliers and a new purchase order image is generated transferring standard purchase terms of the supplier from the supplier master. Thus, with just a single mouse click hundreds of PO images get formed.
  • Supplier's standard purchase terms can be modified for specific POs and specific PO images can be converted into a final POs. The PO then automatically moves into the print queue of the purchase orders to ensure that it is printed and dispatched.
  • If the buyer wants to, he/she can cancel the PO image back to untagged indents to change the supplier.
  • All purchase orders can be fully displayed on the screen or can be printed out on-line.
  • Delayed purchase Orders and their suppliers are automatically highlighted in their respective windows. The buyer can directly go to such delayed POs or Suppliers and review the total pending supplies from the given supplier.
  • Suppliers' Purchase Terms and PO purchase Terms can be displayed for any pending PO. The Effective Multiplying Factor is displayed along with the purchase terms.
  • Total purchases of any item and from any supplier are stored and displayed. This information can be used in negotiating with important suppliers. Favorable purchase terms, if and when negotiated, can be permanently recorded for all future purchases.
  • A report showing total material status of an item to be finally dispatched, consisting of indents in the pipeline, pending POs and received GRRs is available online.
  • GRRs are generated on-line fully automatically and effortlessly with 100% accuracy. The PO against which supplies are received in the stores is fetched on the screen. With a single mouse click, and with bare minimal data entry, the GRR is generated by the system and stocks and POs are updated simultaneously. Item thus received gets a quality acceptance hold mark automatically.
  • When the material is checked by quality department, QC hold can be removed and rejected quantities, if any, can be recorded on the GRR. The system updates POs and stocks again to reflect the inspection results.
  • Report listing out GRRs not cleared by QC within specific days is available