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Sales Analysis
  • The system enables the user to divide the entire market area into any number of ‘Zones’. E.g. these can be the North Zone, West Zone and so on. It is entirely up to the user how he or she may form the different zones.
  • The zones can further be divided into any number of ‘Pockets’ thus reducing the market area enabling the user to give it more attention. E.g. West Zone can have pockets like Mumbai A, Mumbai B, Pune, Satara and so on.
  • Each Zone-Pocket has a separate entry in a master, which stores information such as sales person responsible, description and so on.

  • The Budgeting part of the system enables the user to assign particular budgets to all the zone-pocket and customer combinations. A budget can be assigned to all the customers and later that data can be used to compare the actual sale value and the budgeted value. The budget can be further divided into a number of classes.

  • Each Zone can be assigned different kinds of discounts in the budget. These can be government discounts, large user discounts, special discounts and so on. Using this feature the user can analyze category-wise discounts in various zones.

  • This module, when integrated with the Sales Order Processing Module also shows all the Invoices and their details using which a lot of reports can be generated. No separate entry of invoices is then required to be made.

      Some of the Reports that are generated by the system are:

  • Quantity-wise and Value-wise, Dealer-wise Product-wise Dispatch Summary Report.
  • Zone-wise Pocket-wise Dispatch Summary Report.
  • Key Spares Dispatch Report.
  • Discount Report.
  • Dealer Performance Report.
  • Dealer Performance Summary Report.
  • Zone-wise Dispatch Summary Report.
  • Zone-wise Month-wise Invoice Details Records.
  • Invoice-wise Total Values Report.