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Sales Order Processing and Invoicing
  • Datascan Sales Order Processing works in well-defined sections or parts.
  • It can be fully integrated with the SCM system, so that orders can be directly transferred to the dispatch plan and invoices can be directly created against finished goods. This allows the users to create invoices only against available stock in the finished goods store. This integration works well for standard manufacturing companies. For project or made to order type of companies, a more loosely integrated invoicing system works best.
  • The first part is the receipt of a Sales Order or Contract Order. This part of the system can also be called as the Order Acceptance part. New orders coming from clients are recorded in this part. The information recorded covers details such as Order number, date, description, customer code, product code, discount, approved by, and so on.
  • The software automatically generates invoices from the Contract Reviews or Orders. These invoices are generated based on the invoice logic that can be customized according to the needs of your company.
  • The software maintains a master that contains the list of all the company’s clients. This can also be thought of as a mailing list.
  • The software also maintains a master of all the Products that the company produces. This is used to hold the product specific information such as whether Excise is applicable, rate and so on.
  • The software has a ‘Goods Receipt’ section that handles all the products that come out of manufacturing. As soon as the Quality Control department clears them, they are added to the stock.
  • Datascan Sales Order Processing can be integrated with the Excise and Financial Accounting Modules. Excise Debit records against Excise-able Invoices are automatically generated by the system. All sales transactions are automatically posted to the Accounting module from the invoicing module.
  • The invoicing module also feeds all the data required by the Sales analysis and Sales graphics modules

      Some of the Reports that are generated by the system are:

  • Pending Orders Position Report
  • Listing of Executed Orders.
  • Listing of Non-executed Orders.
  • Delayed Dispatch Schedule Report.
  • Invoice Summary Report.
  • Sales Register.
  • Goods Return Report.
  • Tax Summary Report.
  • Discount Report.
  • Stock Ledger of the item.
  • Outstanding Bills.
  • Bills Reconciled.
  • Stocks Ledger of one/All items.
  • Stock Ledger Summary Report.
  • Production Report.
  • Goods in Transit Report.
  • Credit Overflow Report of the Debtor.